G-Star Raw - 3301 Straight Tapered Jeans - 3D Raw Denim


The 3301 is a classic 5-pocket jean and represents the cleanest style in the G-Star denim range. Based on the hard-wearing laborer's pant of Western origins, which was known for its ‘non-fit’, the 3301 is a wardrobe staple. Its name is derived from the fabric and color code of the first raw denim introduced by G-Star in 1996.

The G-Star 3301 Straight Tapered Jeans feature a classic 5-pocket construction inspired by authentic Western jeans.

Straight Tapered Fit

  • Mid waist
  • 5 pockets
  • Straight at the thigh, narrows down towards the hem
  • Button fly
  • Label at the back waist-Yakron

Antique Worker Denim Organic

This organic cotton denim offers a 3x1 right hand twill construction in a bluegrey cast. The addition of the slightest amount of elasticity keeps a genuine denim look, while it enhances a comfortable wear. Organic cotton is combined with recycled polyester and elastane Lycra-166L, creating a sustainable material. It's dyed with liquid sulfur, creating a greyish blue tone with a special sustainable color cast from Archroma.

  • 3x1 right hand twill construction
  • 71% Organic cotton, 28% Polyester (Recycled), 1% Elastane (Lycra®)
  • Organic cotton fibers are free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Growing organic cotton improves the soil quality, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity, while saving up to 60% water.
  • Recycled polyester is produced from post-consumer or post-industrial waste materials such as PET plastic bottles and apparel. Material that would otherwise have been sent to landfill or to incineration.
  • Elastane Lycra®166L is a sustainable high performance stretch fiber which holds a Gold Level Material Health Certificate from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
  • This color is derived from Archroma's sustainable liquid sulfur dye.

3D Raw Denim - Untreated and pure, ready for you to break in and make your own.