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G-Star Raw - Faeroes bf Short Overall - Faded Ripped Shore

$259.00 $129.50

Combining a straight, loose fit with the playful silhouette of a shortened dungaree, the Faeroes short overall offers a summer solution in denim. A ripped edge finish is applied to the turned upwards hems. The splitted pocket at chest adds more detail.

Loose Fit

  • Relaxed waistband
  • Adjustable straps- button closure
  • Split front pockets
  • Patched on back pockets
  • Button closure at the side
  • G-Star RAW label at the upper back

Sato Denim

An indigo denim, woven in a classic, 3X1 right hand twill construction.

  • Weight 10.75 oz denim
  • Slubby yarn effect
  • 100% Cotton

Faded Ripped Shore

A mid tone indigo, finished with subtle fadings and destroy as well as repair marks.