Nudie - Lean Dean Jean - Dry Black Selvage

Without a doubt a favorite of ours - the almighty Lean Dean in a crispy dry black comfort stretch selvage denim. Weighing in at 12.75 oz. the denim is nicely coupled with Dean's slim fit. The starch in the denim gives it its crispy hand and, most importantly, generates pronounced creases on the jeans when worn - allowing for some contrasting moustaches and honeycombs. The denim itself is woven on old school shuttle looms with yarns that have been yarn dyed. The shuttle looms interlace the yarns into the selvage denim and the yarn dying keeps the core of the yarns white allowing the weave to fade beautifully - a slow process that reflects how denim was made back in the day. The finished denim has a clear twill structure which is nicely balanced by a slight slub character which with wear and washing will get more pronounced in a perfectly imperfect way.

- Organic cotton
- 12.75 oz. comfort stretch selvage denim
- Black thread all over
- Antique silver trims
- Zip fly
- Jacron patch
- Slim tapered fit
- Slim leg opening
- 99% Cotton / 1% Elastane
- Made in Italy